What Happened to Doodlebot Blog?

If you’ve visited doodlebot.net, you’ve seen a bare-bones blog! As it happens, all my websites were hacked over the holidays and it was easier to wipe everything and start over fresh than try to save the years and years worth of posts. So now…

New blog! Whoo hoo! I will focus on sketching and journals, life in the ‘burbs, family news and the mysteries of the universe.

You can subscribe to this blog in your email (Subscribe to Doodlebot.net by Email); or if you are getting this in your email and you no longer wish to, just scroll to the bottom and click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom. (You won’t hurt my feelings!)

If you subscribe, you will get my blog posts in your email sometime between 11pm and 1am, Central US time.  Initially, I don’t expect to update more than a couple of times a month. However, I’d like to work up to a couple of times a week (but my life might never get that interesting).

I’m still tweaking the look of the site and deciding what info I want to bring back from the previous version (suggestions welcome).


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