New Year, New Journal

Got a new journal for 2017 and I’m doing something a little different. This year, I got a dated journal with lined pages for each day. Lined. Pages.

I did this for two reasons:

The first is that now that I’m working full time, I have just fallen off the sketching bandwagon. What time and energy I have after work has to be spent on other things to keep the household going. So I don’t really need the drawing room.

Secondly, I am going to do sort of a gratitude journal. Not only will I note three things to be grateful for every day, I will also make notes on each day and put a positive spin on it no matter what happens. The lined pages are perfect for this, and the dated pages will make it GLARING when I miss a day. I want acknowledging good things each day and documenting any little victories to become habit.

As you can see, I am working hard to change my mindset! The last few years have been very difficult for me and I have a tendency to wallow in negativity. By focusing on the positive things, I hope to train my brain to look for the best of any situation. I don’t mean I will put blinders on to the bad/negative things, just that I will acknowledge them and try to think of how to turn them to positive ones…or at least something to my advantage.

Want to start a gratitude journal with me? All you will need is a notebook or calendar and a regular time to write.  I splurged and got this calendar (affiliate link) and have put it on my nightstand as a reminder to use it each night.

The “rules” I set for myself are:

  • Start with three good things I noticed in my day (big or small, but the smaller the better…like “The first sip of coffee in the morning was JUST RIGHT”).
  • One victory (big or small. “I stopped at one piece of chocolate instead of eating the whole bag! YAY!”)
  • What I did or what happened that day and see if I can make it a positive/advantageous thing

See? Nothing too deep! I will try to check in with you all and let you know how it goes. Happy New Year! Good things are coming our way!


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