The Camp Chair

(This is a recovered post from 2013~S)

I am continuing to make additions to my current journal. Here is a sketch I did yesterday while sitting on the back porch. (This is a photo, not a scan so your eyes aren’t going bad!)

Camp Chair

The sunlight was hitting the chair pretty strong. I am not confident enough to be bold about shadows… I really need to practice putting in the hard lines when there are hard lines. But that is a sketchbook workout. This was just a “field observation” in my journal, which only requires that I pay attention to the details of a thing and note them… not necessarily duplicate them.

My trusty Pilot G2 ball point. The green and gray are just cheapo watercolor pencils that I have handy. I do some pencil shading on the dark parts, then smudge with a wet finger to fill.

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