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Meditative Sketch

(This is a recovered post from 2013 ~S)
I sat down to do a sketch in my favorite spot, the back porch. I noticed that the trees were beginning to yellow and lose some leaves. The late afternoon sunlight shown directly into the woody patch in front of my chair. Great place and view for some meditative sketching. I will walk you through the steps below:

(I didn’t take pics each step, because part of the benefit of this exercise is a detached focus on what you are doing.)

It is perfectly okay to use pencils or whatever your preferred sketching tools for this exercise. If you choose pencils, choose several of varying hardness…the harder the pencil graphite, the lighter the line. (You can get pretty cheap drawing pencil sets anywhere office or art supplies are sold.)

Since I prefer pen, that is what I used.

The main thing is that you set yourself down to REALLY put in the time/focus to work on this picture. Allow AT LEAST AN HOUR for this exercise.

The Camp Chair

(This is a recovered post from 2013~S)

I am continuing to make additions to my current journal. Here is a sketch I did yesterday while sitting on the back porch. (This is a photo, not a scan so your eyes aren’t going bad!)

Camp Chair

The sunlight was hitting the chair pretty strong. I am not confident enough to be bold about shadows… I really need to practice putting in the hard lines when there are hard lines. But that is a sketchbook workout. This was just a “field observation” in my journal, which only requires that I pay attention to the details of a thing and note them… not necessarily duplicate them.

My trusty Pilot G2 ball point. The green and gray are just cheapo watercolor pencils that I have handy. I do some pencil shading on the dark parts, then smudge with a wet finger to fill.

Field Observation Exercise

(This is a recovered post from 2013~It has been edited because it was a complete mess!~S)

Field Observation Supplies:

  • Your journal or paper to draw on.
  • A pen.

I photographed my journal entry and made some comments on each step, which you can see below the break (image heavy!), but here’s  a rundown of the Field Observation exercise:

Field Observation Exercise Steps: