Reaper Minis (Painted)

I am pretty impressed with Reaper Bones.

The Bugbear and goblin are a Bones mini with NO undercoat, just straight vallejo and Reaper acrylic paints. The Norse Warrior and Cleric are Reaper Metal figs.

Bugbear Ragnar

I have 6 Goblins painted so far, 12 more to go! I really like these Reaper Gobbos. i also have 10 or so of the Bones Pathfinder Goblin psychopaths too.

Cleric Gobbo



Battle of Willow Bend

Depicted here is the Battle of Willow Bend, fought between a warband of Orcs and a human Crusader force (All Reaper Minis from their Warlord range). The rules used were Ganesha Games’ wonderful “Song of Blades and Heroes”. My son Alexander (in Blue) and 3 of his buddies are layin’ down the smack talk accompanied by a hefty amount of stabby-stabby!

As the game wound up, the Orcs, who had come in a few at a time were no match for the Crusaders who kept massed around their Leader and slaughtered them, save the 5 who fled at the end! Great Game!