Panzer Flats- Defense of Hill 243.2

I have been experimenting with setting up a nice low profile way to play Blitzkrieg Commander/Spearhead/Kamfgruppe Normandy etc.

I settled on Panzer Flats for the armor (Sets are available for Germans, US, Russians, Brits, and French). They are REALLY good and cover a vast number of vehicles, Guns and Infantry. The Terrain pieces are from “Fields of Honor Terrain Pack 1”. All of these are available on RPGNOW for a very reasonable fee. The terrain pack includes flats for Barbed Wire, Minefields, Tank Traps, Craters, rivers, Hills, Forests, roads, and Buildings.

Here are some pics of the setup:

The forces are 9x Soviet T-34/76 with 9x Russian Infantry squads and two HQ Stands are attacking a hasty defense around a pair of hills Held by three PzkW III 50mm Lang, 2 StuG IIIG, 3x MG34 Teams and two Infantry (And two command Stands).

Should be fun! Using Blitzkrieg Commander II.