Savage Worlds: Orion Arm Adventures

“Orion Arm Adventures” is my setting for Savage Worlds Science Fiction Campaigns.

The setting is 3020 AD, roughly one thousand years in the future.







I picked this period intentionally.

If you look a thousand years in our past, the Vikings were raiding everyone and the Earth was a pretty rough place to loiter around.


The struggles and motivations then were the same as those we face today. We still sail the oceans. We still fight with edged weapons on occasion. The good old Fist Mk I is the leading cause of murder in the world, just like the good old Neanderthals!

Some things change, but more things do not. We will live longer, be healthier, and have access to more information. We will still be Human, however, and subject to all the silliness and stupidity that entails. We will still want to make a quick buck, covet each others stuff, and stop to help those in need.

A Millennium from now is a glittering age of opportunity and possibility with humanity cast like stardust on the winds of the Milky Way. There are Heroes and Devils. Saints and Savages. Con Men and Characters.

It is a time of danger. It is a time of hope.

It is a time of Adventure.

-Mike Wikan


Here is my quick Printer-friendly Custom Savage Worlds Character Sheet:

Savage Sci Fi OAA

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