Ghost Hot Wheels Comparison for X-Wing

20150703_113024Hot Wheels just came out with a cheap Ghost Freighter (From Star Wars Rebels) that’s a great scale for use with X-Wing and 5150 FC! Here is a shot next to an X-Wing freighter for scale. I plan to hit it with ink to get the lines detailed then some paint to detail and age properly. I’ll just use the YT-1300 for stats. Update: just added images after ink mass and mounting on base!20150703_11311720150703_113134-1


Working on 15mm Tracked Sci Fi Armor

The Tanks are “Merka” Tracked vehicles from Rebel Minis. The small IFVs  are BMP-2 hulls combined with turrets from Old Crow Miniatures.  The Flatbed Track is the “Combat Flatbed” from Rebel minis. These are in progress shots showing steps. Almost done, only Inking, mud spatter, a few more decals and sealer to go!

tmp_27284-20150120_0910141785399433 tmp_27284-20150120_132108463838752 tmp_27284-20150120_140459-269955171 tmp_27284-20150120_1217541234017824

Setting up to game Strachan’s Action using Galleys & Galleons

I have decided to try a historical fight using Galleys & Galleons. This is a battle following Trafalgar between 4× French 3rd Rate ships of the line being harried by British Frigates while 4× British 3rd Rates close in on them from astern. Called “Strachan’s Action” in the history books, the French are in a pickle. The British crews are superior and the French are outnumbered and have suffered some damage at Trafalgar. Will post an AAR!