About Samantha


An Inaccurate Representation of Samantha

I have been sketch journaling on and off for about 20 years. I got started when I picked up a copy of A LIFE IN HAND: CREATING THE ILLUMINATED JOURNAL by Hannah Hinchman back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.  Love the practice of keeping an illuminated journal/sketch journal/doodle book and this blog is mainly to help anyone who wants to get started.

Here are some sketches from my first journals:


babyAlex cat4 cat6 colaandcalc roses Teapot

Since those first journals, I have experimented with different media and art outside of sketching: painting, cartooning, digital art, colored pencils, markers, etc.

I have also experimented with different kinds of observations and writing exercises as a way of expressing myself in my journals.

For perspective, I live in Texas and am married with two grown children. My day job is helping manage an arts and crafts store.

While journaling is the main focus of this blog. I will interject anything else I find notable, useful or silly and update friends and family on the doings of Doodleland.