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Pups in Doodleland

I will be referring to the pups in many of my posts because they are such an important part of daily life. Now that the kids are grown, these are my exclusive lap sitters and evening snugglers. I thought an introduction would be appropriate.

This is DOSH. He is a poodle-bichon frise mix (a/k/a “poopon”, according to hubby).

He came to live with us in February, 2008 as a rolly-polly bundle of fuzzy love.


Dosh the Benevolent


  • kissing people
  • eating underwear
  • lap sitting
  • dressing up in girl clothes
  • cheese
  • playing chase
  • lots of pillows/cushions for lounging
  • rolling in the grass



  • Bringing back the ball when playing fetch
  • Being picked up and held for too long
  • Sitting too close to Rupert
  • leather couches (they’re cold)
  • peeing outside in the rain

Favorite pastimes: Singing and telling stories, prying the squeaker out of toys

Nicknames: Doshie, Doshie-moto, Moto, Fluffernutter, Doshimus Motamus, Fuzzykins


This is RUPERT. He is a poodle. He came to us in July, 2010 as a 6-month old ball of dark terror.

Rupert Titanic

Rupert the Terror


  • Ball
  • Mommy
  • Car trips
  • Sitting in purses
  • Barking
  • Boxes and Blankets
  • sweet tea


  • Putting his toy in people’s hands (only next to it)
  • People wearing hats
  • Being left at home without Mom
  • Doshie sitting with Mom
  • Doshie looking at Mom if Mom has food
  • deer

Favorite pastimes: playing fetch, hiding toys in blankets and boxes and finding them again, barking, patrolling the perimeter, showing you how awesome his toy is

Nicknames: Resident Evil, Rupertino, Roopy Poopy Doopy, Spooky, Rupe, Rupus Poopus

These two little monsters run free in Doodleland, bringing happiness and destruction. Without them, we’d sleep too late on the weekends and be overrun with squirrels and birds and UPS men. They protect us from chilly laps and napping alone. Our home wouldn’t be complete without them.