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Pups in Doodleland

I will be referring to the pups in many of my posts because they are such an important part of daily life. Now that the kids are grown, these are my exclusive lap sitters and evening snugglers. I thought an introduction would be appropriate.

This is DOSH. He is a poodle-bichon frise mix (a/k/a “poopon”, according to hubby).

He came to live with us in February, 2008 as a rolly-polly bundle of fuzzy love.


Dosh the Benevolent


  • kissing people
  • eating underwear
  • lap sitting
  • dressing up in girl clothes
  • cheese
  • playing chase
  • lots of pillows/cushions for lounging
  • rolling in the grass



  • Bringing back the ball when playing fetch
  • Being picked up and held for too long
  • Sitting too close to Rupert
  • leather couches (they’re cold)
  • peeing outside in the rain

Favorite pastimes: Singing and telling stories, prying the squeaker out of toys

Nicknames: Doshie, Doshie-moto, Moto, Fluffernutter, Doshimus Motamus, Fuzzykins


This is RUPERT. He is a poodle. He came to us in July, 2010 as a 6-month old ball of dark terror.

Rupert Titanic

Rupert the Terror


  • Ball
  • Mommy
  • Car trips
  • Sitting in purses
  • Barking
  • Boxes and Blankets
  • sweet tea


  • Putting his toy in people’s hands (only next to it)
  • People wearing hats
  • Being left at home without Mom
  • Doshie sitting with Mom
  • Doshie looking at Mom if Mom has food
  • deer

Favorite pastimes: playing fetch, hiding toys in blankets and boxes and finding them again, barking, patrolling the perimeter, showing you how awesome his toy is

Nicknames: Resident Evil, Rupertino, Roopy Poopy Doopy, Spooky, Rupe, Rupus Poopus

These two little monsters run free in Doodleland, bringing happiness and destruction. Without them, we’d sleep too late on the weekends and be overrun with squirrels and birds and UPS men. They protect us from chilly laps and napping alone. Our home wouldn’t be complete without them.

Doodleland News Update

Here is what is happening in Doodleland:

  • Darling Petunia Hannah is doing well at school and just got a promotion at work. She is on track there to get her dog grooming certificate and will soon be working full time at a store down south. She assures me that her school will not suffer and I certainly believe her. Very proud mom!
  • Alexander the Great is also doing well in school and loves being home instead of in the dorms. He made National Honor Society! Very proud mom!
  • Prince Charming Michael is still making the extra long commute to San Antonio everyday, but is doing great at work. He loves working on cutting edge tech and finding new uses for it. His efforts have brought his division many new prospects for contracts and expansion. Very proud wife!
  • Witchy Mom Me got promoted out of my job as manager of the Round Rock store’s frame shop and am now Operations Manager (Assistant Manager, but paid hourly) at my original store here in Georgetown. More hours and responsibility, but much shorter drive. Yay, me!

Busy life means less time to be creative but we’re each doing the best that we can.  I am trying to keep up my journal. Need to make doodle time, though! Hannah is trying to knit and crochet in her down time. Alex and Michael work in their gaming time as much as possible.

It’s rare for us all to be together for family game time these days. But that just makes the times where we’re all together (and awake) more special!

Gladys passed away just before Christmas, so the house feels a little empty around knee level. She is the dog that Alex and Hannah grew up with so it was very difficult. Dosh and Rupert are doing a good job of keeping us busy with other puppy things so that we are not too sad for too long, though.